Three angels and moon. Artwork from "What Night Do the Angels Wander?", by Phoebe Stone

And when do the angels skip and dance

in a crystal globe of light?

Around and around the lantern moon

they dance the wintry night.

Just as poetic as Stone's verse is her full-color, double-spread art, rendered in brilliant pastels. The pictures possess childlike abundance: angels, reindeer and lilies, rabbits in red satin bows, flying swans, glowing pale-green moons, butterflies, and doe-eyed children. This book, both thrilling and soothing, is one to read aloud on that night when so many children become insomniacs. Even its cover is a pink confection; as dainty as sugar plums but much better for the digestion.

--Liz Rosenberg, The Boston Globe

boy on swan, detail of artwork by Phoebe Stone

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What Night Do the Angels Wander?,
text and artwork copyright © 1998 by Phoebe Stone