photo of Phoebe Stone in her studio

Phoebe's studio is on the third floor of her house. The views and light are wonderful up there. Her studio and house are filled with the things she creates . . . from hand-painted screens and cupboards to hand-built ceramic vases filled with cut flowers from her garden.

"Step into Phoebe Stone's world, and you enter a fairy tale.

Inside the artist's peach colored Middlebury home, fresh-cut zinnias, dahlias and marigolds overflow from handmade vases, sweetening the air. Dancers and elephants cavort across tables and cabinets painted in brilliant reds and blues. Old-fashioned teddy bears and statues of cherubim cluster around antique lamps, and a life-size Madonna and child beam down from a stairwell.

'I like to create my own world.' Stone says with a shy smile. 'My editor says it's like walking into one of my books.'"

--By Heather Stephenson

Read the entire article that appeared in the Sunday Rutland Herald and the Sunday Times Argus

Photo of Phoebe in front of a screen she painted

photo of Phoebe in her house

A house is a reflection of your spirit. I like to fill my house with color and interesting objects that inspire me and sometimes appear in my work. --Phoebe

 "Stone can't quite decide whether her art imitates her life, or her life imitates the art; it's all a delicious jumble. She just loves to create new worlds, full of huge butterflies, bright pansies, and bears playing the bassoon.

'If you have a passion,' she says, 'it makes life a great joy.'"

--Heather Stephenson,
The Rutland Herald/Times Argus

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